Problems of Education in Indonesia

According to Prof Dr Dodi Nandika (2005), Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, in his speech in front of the Student Post UPI Prodi Educational Administration, suggested that the problems and challenges facing the field of education in Indonesia, among others:

1. Relatively low level of public education

2. Dynamics of changes in the population structure has not been fully accommodated in the development of education

3. Inequality levels

4. Good Governance are not running optimally

5. Facilities inadequate educational services and equitable

6. The quality of education is relatively low and has not been able to meet the competencies of learners

7. Higher education still face obstacles in developing and creating science and technology

8. Management education has not run effectively and efficiently

9. Education development budget has not provided adequately.

The problems mentioned above are the problems faced by many developing countries, including Indonesia. The role of education when studied economics, it will contribute to the role of government and community impact will be experienced by the country of Indonesia in the long-term future with the development of education policy as the basis for development of the country.

In the Ministry of Education Strategic Plan 2005-2009, increased emphasis on the role of education efforts:

1. Expansion and Equity Education
2. Quality and Relevance of Education and
3. Governance and Accountability.

The third program is an effort to the development of education equally to all parts of Indonesia, so missed out on the field of improving the quality of human resources that could be improved is not left with the progress among Asia-Pacific countries.

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